What is a Microsoft Dynamics GP Orphan?

Posted on: May 26th, 2020 by DexPro Dynamics

An orphan is someone left without guidance and support.  

Around 2016, Microsoft made a big push to encourage all Dynamics partners to focus on their new Cloud ERP product, Dynamics 365. We observed that, sadly, there were a lot of existing Dynamics GP clients that were abandoned during this transition.  

These companies had spent the money on Dynamics GP, and they still needed guidance and support to make the most of their investment.  The problem was, there were few senior consultants left to help them. 

So, many of these companies became Microsoft Dynamics GP orphans. 

Some of the companies lost their Dynamics partners altogether because small partners were often acquired by larger companies. To stay compliant with Microsoft, many of the large Dynamics ERP partners moved their focus to Dynamics 365. If they kept a small Dynamics GP practice, it was usually restructured, and they reprioritized how they supported their Dynamics GP customers.  

We noted that often the experienced Dynamics GP consultants were assigned to support Dynamics 365, and junior consultants were given the Dynamics GP accounts. I have heard Dynamics GP customers say, “my new GP consultant from my existing partner knows less about GP than I do.” I have heard that line so many times that I know it is true.  

As a consequence, the Dynamics GP users were left to fend for themselves. Many of them are active on the GP User Group forums. GPUG is a fantastic community, full of resources, and we love clients that like to take ownership of their systems. However, supporting yourself on your own will still leave some gaps. You need a partner with the big-picture vision and the advanced skillset to instruct you. An expert will not only fix individual problems but look at your system as a whole and tell you how it could work better for your organization.  

At Dexpro Dynamics, we always offer a Dynamics GP system review at no charge. To me, that is only fair. And the truth is, at least 80% of the orphaned clients that we review are not using Dynamics GP properly, or they are not even using all the modules that they own.  

There will always be companies that want their ERP system on-premises. And some companies want to stay on Dynamics GP.  When we realized that so many Dynamics GP customers were in the position of “orphans,” we decided to go against the trend and keep our primary focus on Dynamics GP.  

We continue to sell Dynamics GP to new customers when it is the right fit, but our primary focus is to help companies that have already invested in Dynamics GP. 

You never need to be a Dynamics GP orphan. Dexpro Dynamics is here to help. 

If you have a Dynamics GP question or unresolved issues, we will either find a solution or let you know where you can turn to get your problems resolved.  

Contact us at Dexpro Dynamics at 888-DEXPRO2 or info@dexprodynamics.com

By Dexpro Dynamics, Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver Competency partner, www.dexprodynamics.com